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This is for you…We put a ton of energy, effort and care into our projects and our relationship with our clients. It seemed natural that we start offering our past, present and future clients the opportunity to extend our services through our premium Home Watch plan!

We will develop a customized, comprehensive checklist based on your wants and needs for our Home Watch inspection. It is important that we have a mutually agreed upon understanding of each others’ expectations to provide the best service possible and ensure your peace of mind when you are not there.

We provide a range of optional services to make your arrival, departure and access for services to your home when you are not there. Need something not listed? Give us a call and let’s talk! Upon completion of each visit, we generate a detailed report of what we found and email it you so you know immediately what is going on with your home. Should we find a situation that requires immediate attention, we will phone you to advise you of the problem and steps to mitigate any possible damage.

Each visit includes the following services:

  • Complete walk through of each room noting any problems with the walls, ceilings, floors and windows
  • Video and pictures will be provided with report and where possible Live video walkthrough can be performed
  • Check the refrigerator
  • Run the disposal
  • Run all the faucets to insure traps are filled with water, preventing sewer gases from entering your home
  • Flush all the toilets
  • Check the thermostats insuring that the temperature reads as it is set
  • Inspect the exterior
  • Inspect the landscaping
  • Inspect the pool and/or water features
  • Start your cars if requested
  • Check your mailbox/forward important mail upon request
  • Water interior plants
  • Check water softener
  • Coordinate, schedule supervise and manage your property maintenance needs
  • Perform any construction related projects handling all design, permits and sub-trades

Whatever your needs are when you arrive, we are here to help. Just ask!

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